As an established DevOps services company, Brotecs will help your business, development, and operations teams stay on the same page about the optimal way to upgrade enterprise apps, improve IT security, and utilize infrastructure resources.

DevOps Development and Consulting Services

Analysis & Evaluation


We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your development and operational environment and create a roadmap that shows how to integrate DevOps automation into your IT ecosystem. Our audit is aimed at:

  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Choosing the right technology tools
  • Determining a suitable DevOps model

Automation & Configuration


Brotecs experts automate your delivery pipeline to ensure fast yet seamless deployments and rollbacks across IT processes. We configure your infrastructure so that you can manage evolving or complex systems efficiently. The process covers:

  • The segmentation of bulky enterprise apps into self-sustained services
  • IT infrastructure migration to the cloud
  • Prompt bug discovery and fixing
  • The deployment of new features with little risk and human involvement

Maintenance & Support


Besides ensuring your IT infrastructure properly functions within the DevOps framework, our DevOps consulting services team will help your technology department learn and adopt DevOps best practices. The Brotecs 24/7 Customer Care department will assist you in:

  • Moving IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • Keeping it up and running
  • Mapping out improvements based on regular performance and load testing reports