What is Phoring ?

Phoring is a virtual phone service provider that provides you worldwide phone number to add a second phone line to your smartphone. Use your Phoring number the way you use your regular mobile phone number for voice calls and text with a very competitive low rate.

Number From4200+Cities
Place Call To200+Countries

Why choose Phoring ?

Phoring simplifies your communication, whether your smartphone has access to WiFi or out-of-internet, you will never miss your important calls. Our Intelligent Call Forwarding tools forward your calls to your mobile number automatically when your smartphone is out of internet connectivity.

You can set Do-Not-Disturb (DND) mode when you do not want any business calls but still you will get all the missed calls history in your call history page so that you can call back to your customers later.

Phoring helps to avoid roaming charges when traveling internationally by using WiFi hotspots and enjoy very low international rates.

  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Security
  • Number Porting
  • Fast Connection
  • Competitive Rate
  • Friendly Support