Maritime Telemedicine

Telemedicine is an increasingly popular solution in the global healthcare market, extending its reach to remote and isolated locations around the world. And now, thanks to advances in technology, it is even available to those at sea.

Introducing the maritime telemedicine system – a secure, customizable, and easy-to-use wireless system designed specifically for medical emergencies in deep-sea environments. With this system, crew members can easily consult with medical professionals and doctors to receive prompt and accurate diagnoses and treatment.

The system’s live, two-way video calls and transmission of vital parameters such as blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood glucose, body temperature, BMI, and ECG are made possible using existing onboard WiFi, cellular, satellite, or radio links to the internet. This ensures that the patient receives proper care, even when medical professionals are not physically present.

Furthermore, the telemedicine system’s auto-adapting bandwidth capabilities ensure optimal audio and video quality, even in low-bandwidth situations. With the ability to achieve full HD and 4K resolutions, this system provides a reliable and efficient solution for medical emergencies at sea.

Highly Secured Maritime Telemedicine Solution

HIPAA Compliant

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