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AeroSphere Suite

The AerosphereSuite is more than just a software platform – it’s an Intelligent Ops Center that streamlines and automates your operations. With its advanced AI-enabled technology, the AerosphereSuite provides real-time monitoring and analytics of your aircraft’s performance, enabling you to identify and resolve issues before they become problems.

Our patented iOp technology brings aircraft equipment and device data to the ground for efficient management reports, maintenance, and troubleshooting. iOp is a fast, proactive, and AI-enabled technology that solves complex problems quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Security is a top priority for us, and that’s why we’ve developed our own military-grade secured communication protocol – ASCP. This protocol is specially designed for satellite networks and narrow bandwidth networks, using very low bandwidth and low overhead technology for air-to-ground and ground-to-air communication, ensuring that your data is always safe and secure.

The AerosphereSuite’s end-to-end monitoring capabilities offer a comprehensive view of your aircraft’s equipment and devices, allowing for proactive management and predictive maintenance. This reduces downtime, minimizes repair costs, and increases operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the AerosphereSuite’s device-agnostic and cloud-enabled design makes it easy to integrate with your existing systems and devices, providing a seamless and integrated solution. With the Aerosphere View and iOp, you can manage your entire fleet from a single, centralized platform, saving you time, resources, and money.

In short, the AerosphereSuite is the Intelligent Ops Center that simplifies and optimizes your operations, enabling you to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional service to your customers, while iOp and ASCP provide fast and secure communication and efficient problem-solving technology.

AI Enabled

Highly Secured

Customer Support98%Faster
Support Cost85%Less
iOp resolving service interruption in mid-flight.

Capabilities of iOp ?

In the aviation world, the term “monitoring” has evolved to encompass a broader definition, which involves observing various sources of information and reacting appropriately to the results. While the original definition of “monitoring” referred to admonition and warning, the term now involves observing, deriving information, and creating action plans to mitigate anomalies. The subject of the observation and source of information is primarily within the aircraft. This is precisely the context within which our iOp system operates.

iOp is an advanced system that extracts information from onboard aircraft systems, such as routers, satellite modems, and connected devices. This information is then securely transmitted and stored on the iOp Master, considering factors such as bandwidth, latency, and priorities. We ensure the security and privacy of the data during all aspects of data transmission, and we securely archive the information extracted from aircraft in the cloud.

iOp also analyses information extracted from aircraft in real-time, evaluating and predicting potential threats associated with that information. The system deduces mitigation plans, warnings, and alerts about potential threats in real-time, and it can enforce mitigation plans on aircraft that are remotely supervised or unsupervised. With its self-learning system that incorporates AI and statistical data mining, iOp is able to operate under low latency conditions.

To aid with visualization, the system includes user-centric graphical user interfaces that provide real-time feedback through AeroSphereView. Additionally, there is an extensive API available for third-party system integration, making iOp a versatile and flexible solution for your aviation needs.

In summary, iOp is an intelligent system that enables real-time monitoring, analysis, and mitigation of potential threats, thereby enhancing the safety and efficiency of your aircraft operations.