NEXT Cabin Tools

NEXT Cabin Tools allows flight crew and passengers on business aviation aircraft to diagnose and troubleshoot in-flight connectivity. It dynamically detects the aircraft configuration and enables access to onboard services and diagnostic functions.

Pre-listed various aircraft manufacturers and it’s aircraft model helps the user to add aircraft configurations quickly and efficiently. In addition, this app lets you add flight itineraries with ICAO and IATA-supported city airports and shows an interactive map with the origin and destination. Moreover, live weather status for both origin and destination cities.

This app assists customers when troubleshooting the connectivity and configuration of satellite communication systems aboard their aircraft.

Cabin Router90%Supported
Technical Support98%Faster

Capabilities of Cabin Tools ?

Cabin Tools captures in-flight WiFi and satellite internet health details and delivers to support rep or crew for up-to-date status and troubleshooting tools.

Once the app is connected to the onboard Wi-Fi network, the app can perform status queries of the various connected devices or SATCOM hardware. The status of each component is presented graphically. Any issues with the connection are identified through a visual indicator, and a probable solution is presented.

  • Automatic detection of aircraft configuration and onboard hardware services.
  • Instant identification of devices connected in both cockpit and cabin
  • Real-time flight tracking.
  • Interactive map displaying origin, destination, ETA and weather updates
  • Utilize Ping and Traceroute to assess internet status for connected devices.
  • Seamlessly manage various SATCOM and ATG connection.
  • Tail-based aircraft configuration control made simple.
  • Internet connection control for each device.
  • Monitor and optimize WAN connection bandwidth usage.
  • Network QoS optimization.
  • Per WAN connection bandwidth usage.
  • Cabin IP PBX status including it's extension or call status.
  • Network QoS management
  • Real-time status tracking of Cabin IP PBX and extensions.
  • Comprehensive cabin call status monitoring.
  • Demo mode helps the user to get the training on the apps without reading an extensive user guide.