Aviation Grade Cabin IP PBX

Cabin IP PBX is the industry-leading widely accepted an advanced call-handling platform that offers wide range of capabilities including multi-signaling protocol, satellite-friendly low-bandwidth codecs, IVR, AMBE+2 Voice and multi-party conference.

Satellite ready solution for L-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band and ATG communications.


Key Features

  • Local SIP trunking for Bidirectional Air-to-Ground/Ground-to-Air connectivity with 3rd party Iridium Transceivers.
  • Policy-Based Routing (PBR) and Automatic Route Selection (ARS).
  • Seat to Seat / Seat to Cockpit (terminal to terminal) Calling.
  • Seat to seat (terminal to terminal) Call Transfer (“Blind” Transfers and “Attended” transfers”).
  • Password Protected Audio Conference Bridge (with a combination of on-board extensions and ground numbers) Ground to air call routing to specific terminals (handsets) on the aircraft. Music on hold and joint party annunciation support.
  • ISDN AMBE+2 Trunking.
  • Undisrupted VoIP Trunking over MoIP (Mobile IP) Systems.
  • Call Failover Support.
  • Programmable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (customer can record their own messages in their own language).
  • IAX2 trunking can be sent via Inmarsat SBB “Managed VoIP” (using Streaming channels on Demand) or via “Un-Managed” mode for transmission over Ka/Ku-Band Networks or Inmarsat Background.
  • Ring all on board extensions (Ground to Air Call) or Round-Robin.
  • Ring to a specific on-board extensions or voicemail (Ground to Air Call).
  • Multiple Codec Payload Packetization (10ms ~ 80ms) Support.
  • Jitter Buffer (Adaptive / Fixed).
  • High latency network support for SIP/IAX2 Trunking and Ground to Air / Air to Ground registration and calls.
  • User friendly Multi-Level web-based GUI for IP PBX configuration.