One Marine View

Introducing One Marine View – our patented, feature-rich software components designed to be device-agnostic and cloud-enabled. It’s an intelligent, end-to-end software platform that creates a secured and seamless virtual operation center. With integrated proactive management and real-time end-to-end monitoring capabilities, One Marine View reduces technical support and operating costs while increasing client satisfaction.

We also offer another patented technology – iOp. This groundbreaking solution brings vessel equipment and device data to the ground for efficient management reports, maintenance, and troubleshooting. iOp is fast, proactive, and AI-enabled, making it the perfect tool for solving complex problems quickly and efficiently.

At the heart of our platform is security. That’s why we’ve developed our own military-grade secured communication protocol – ASCP. This protocol is specifically designed for satellite networks and narrow bandwidth networks, using very low bandwidth and low overhead technology to ensure your data is always safe and secure.

AI Enabled

Highly Secured

The leading analytics platform that enables dozens of vessels to improve operational efficiency, on-time performance, and vessel utilization.
Customer Support98%Faster
Support Cost85%Less