In-Flight Telemedicine

With a growing presence in the global healthcare market, telemedicine has spread to countries all around the world. Now, no matter where you are, a doctor can be at your fingertips – even if you’re 40,000 feet in the air!

The in-flight telemedicine system is an easy-to-use, customizable, secure, all-wireless system for consulting a Doctor or other Medical Professional in case of Medical Emergencies while in the sky.

It enables live, two-way Video Calls and transmission of passenger Vital parameters (blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood glucose, body temperature, BMI and ECG) using existing on-board WiFi, Cellular, Satellite or Radio links to the internet, providing a means for better diagnoses and returning medical advice for crew or a medical professional on board to treat a patient appropriately.

Telemedicine system auto-adapting bandwidth capabilities optimize varying and low signal bandwidths to provide amazing audio/video from 32 kbps! Full HD and 4K resolutions are possible if there is adequate bandwidth.

Highly Secured In-Flight Telemedicine Solution

HIPAA Compliant

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