Telemedicine Solution

X2Meeting offers a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that enables healthcare providers to deliver secure and customized video experiences to their patients.

With X2Meeting, healthcare providers can leverage pre-built, secure embeddable video calls, conferencing, chat, and desktop sharing functionalities. Built-in compliance and data privacy features ensure the protection of user data, guarantee privacy for meetings, and provide insightful analytics.

X2Meeting seamlessly integrates with hospital or clinic websites, EHR platforms, and apps to instantly connect with patients for consultations, prescription renewals, and post-operative follow-ups. Users can share system audio in a meeting from a device or browser tab and monitor connectivity quality while adjusting video bandwidth. Admins can configure, enable, and disable features to create the desired user experience.

In addition, X2Meeting offers dial-in number options for 200 countries, including toll-free numbers, enabling users to call into meetings. With end-to-end encryption, even during desktop video meetings, X2Meeting is GDPR compliant for data processors.

Highly Secured Telemedicine System

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