Secure Legacy Communication

Our communication system provides secure and reliable communication on certified aircraft that utilize Rockwell Collins SAT-906 or Honeywell MCS-7100 (HD-710) Inmarsat terminal installations to access Aero-H voice channel services. The voice channels are provided on the SAT-906 or HD-710 system Satellite Data Unit (SDU) via a CEPT E1 interface, which are then processed through an Airlink Gateway Unit (AGU) to interface with analog 4-Wire plus E&M voice ports on the aircraft communication system.

In addition to secure communication, our system features an ARINC 746 CEPT-E1 to SIP Interface Converter unit that enables the bridging of five available Aero-H voice channels directly into the aircraft communication system’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network fabric. This provides a seamless integration of our solution into your existing communication setup.

We understand the importance of meeting various environmental and mechanical requirements for airworthiness. That’s why we offer our Converter unit board(s) which can be incorporated into a ruggedized enclosure/unit that meets these requirements.

Trust us to provide you with the ultimate communication solution for your aircraft. Contact us today to learn more.