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Cyber Security Firewall & Router | iCyberHunt


What is iCyberHunt?

iCyberHunt is a fully featured next-generation smart Cyber Security Firewall and Routing platform that delivers extreme levels of protection, performance, and visibility.


Everything essential to protect your network and more...


Stateful firewall with support for IPv4 and IPv6 and live view on blocked or passed traffic.

Multi WAN

Multi WAN capable including load balancing and failover support.


Support for IPsec (including route based), OpenVPN, Tinc (full mesh VPN) and WireGuard.

Hardware Failover

When you cannot afford downtime use our automatic and seamless hardware failover with state synchronization utilizing the common address redundancy protocol to get the highest possible availability.


Connect team members from anywhere in the world on any device. SD-WAN tools creates secure networks between on-premise, cloud, desktop, and mobile devices.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Get rid of the Trojans & CNC bots with state of the art inline intrusion prevention.

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA is supported throughout the system, for both the user interface as services such as VPN.

Web Filtering

Fully integrated web proxy with access control and support for external blacklists to filter unwanted traffic. Other options include firewall aliases and DNS blacklisting.

Intuitive User Interface

The most intuitive, fully responsive user interface you’ll find in any firewall router with an integrated search option.

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