The ARINC 746 CEPT-E1 Simulator is a cutting-edge hardware system specifically designed to test and simulate ARINC 746-compliant digital communication systems with exceptional precision and accuracy, primarily for use in business and defense aircraft. Its advanced features make it an indispensable tool for assessing and validating the performance of different communication messaging layers, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Widely used in the aviation industry, the ARINC 746 CEPT-E1 Simulator is an ideal solution for verifying onboard cabin systems or for testing in an avionics lab environment. Its advanced capabilities make it the top choice for businesses and organizations seeking the most accurate and efficient digital communication testing and simulation possible.

Compatible and Tested with:

Avionics Simulator

Key Features

The AMBE+2 ISDN simulator boasts several key features that make it a leading-edge technology for avionics communication testing and simulation. These features include:

  1. Support for ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) and BRI (Basic Rate Interface) interfaces.
  2. Multiple configurable ports for connecting to different ISDN devices.
  3. Support for various signaling protocols, including DSS1, 5ESS, and 4ESS.
  4. Comprehensive call control and signaling functions for managing calls.
  5. Support for both voice and data calls.
  6. The ability to simulate different types of ISDN network conditions, such as noise, echo, and delay.
  7. Real-time call monitoring and analysis tools for troubleshooting and debugging.
  8. Extensive logging and reporting features for performance analysis and auditing.
  9. Remote management and control via a web-based interface or CLI (Command Line Interface).
  10. Support for various ISDN features, such as caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, and three-way calling.
  11. Support for VoIP/SIP RFC 3261 endpoints.
  12. Fully web-based easy administration.
  13. Live call monitoring.
  14. Detailed call logs.
  15. A comprehensive user manual and technical support from the manufacturer.

These key features make the AMBE+2 ISDN simulator an indispensable tool for testing and validating avionics communication messaging layers with exceptional precision and accuracy.